Fraternal Order of the Seedy Fellows

Ron Livingston

"I believe that hybridizing is a blend of living and nonliving creative energies intersecting at several planes of consciousness."

Ron Livingston - Hosta Hybridizer

Ron Livingston From the age of 10, I had reoccuring dreams of combining different kinds of fish to make "new" fish. Thirty years later as an adult, I began raising and hybridizing tropical fish. Some years later while taking a walk in the neighborhood, I met Stuart Asch. After seeing his hybridizing work; I decided to try my hand at some. I diligently did my homework, studying the great hybridizers and their choices of parents, as well as the Hosta Finder looking for empty niches. I then began breeding to fill those niches.

Joining hosta forums on the internet, like Hostapix, not only gave me access to unlimited information, but also allowed me to meet some great people who also had the same interests. This fueled my drive. I began by collecting hostas for the genes they possessed. Being a teacher, I had the summers off, this provided a great opportunity to make thousands of crosses each year. Having wonderful friends who have given me support and new ideas has promoted my enjoyment of hosta hybridizing. Being a FOoSF member has been a truly enlightening experience.

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