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Stuart Asch

Stuart Asch - Hosta Hybridizer

Stuart Asch I remember walking through the Royal Oak Farmers Market on a Saturday morning in the early 1980’s. This was a weekly event for me, as I looked for the freshest vegetables and the occasional perennial. For several weeks I noticed the “Hosta Lady” and her unusual perennial, something she called a 'hosta.' I also noticed that they were quite expensive and couldn’t believe that some were priced up to $15. The Hosta Lady and her plants piqued my curiosity and I eventually made it over to her table and needless to say, my money and a beautiful ‘Gold Standard’ were soon exchanged. Saturday morning trips to the market became even more eagerly anticipated. Pinky became a friend and my mentor as I began to hybridize.

In the years that have followed, I have gained many friends because of my hybridizing efforts. I recently retired after 36 years of teaching. My wife, Mary Ann and I, are now enjoying traveling more frequently, as well as spending more time with our ‘kids’ and grandkids. We often take our grandkids to our cottage on the Manistee River outside of Grayling and look forward to visiting warmer locations during the winter.

Hybridizing hosta is still most enjoyable, fun and certainly as challenging as ever. The quest for the perfect hosta continues...

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