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Alttara Scheer - About the Plants

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Hosta Boyz Toy Boyz Toy (NR)
Named for the Boyz at Naylor Creek, this sassy little plant emerges bright chartreuse with pointy little red leaf tips (it's a mini, so you have to look close, but it's a unique identifiable feature). As the red fades on the tips, the slightly glossy leaves turn bright yellow and in July it sends up brassy scapes in perfect proportion to the clump with ultraviolet flowers in abundance. Leaves have good substance and the compact clump has a vigorous growth rate. Will tolerate more sun than most and colors up best with a few hours of direct sun. Clump will reach 6x12" at maturity. Available from Naylor Creek Nursery
Hosta Cherry Tart Cherry Tart (NR)
A small, fast growing plant, Cherry Tart pops out of the ground a crisp, bright chartreuse and heats up with the weather, getting brighter leaves until it glows yellow, with deep, lipstick red petioles that atypically darken as the leaves brighten up. This is one red/yellow combo that doesn't fade in the heat! Give it a few hours of direct sun for best color. Available from Naylor Creek Nursery
Hosta Cold Heart Cold Heart (NR)
Emerging like frosted lime popsicles, Hosta 'Cold Heart' has rippled and serrated edges on heart shaped leaves with snow white backs. In shade, it maintains it's frosted lime color and in sun the frost will melt and these hearts will glow with renewed passion. Available from Naylor Creek Nursery
Hosta Madam Madam (NR)
A small to medium sized plant, H. 'Madam' is no shrinking violet. Emerging chartreuse, with a few hours of sun she brightens to a glowing neon gold, with strong, direct, spade-shaped leaves, some red on the outside petioles, but perhaps the most exciting feature is the way the deep red scapes come slipping out seductively from underneath the leaves, in the heat of July. Fertile, her pods develop the same deep color as the scapes, and with a half-day of sun her leaves will take on a mellow candle-glow yellow. Available from Naylor Creek Nursery
Hosta Maya Kingsnake Maya Kingsnake (NR)
A sleek and shiny green, 'Maya Kingsnake' is a medium sized plant with new leaves showing red well up into the central leaf vein, petioles red front and back, and gently undulating leaf edges. In August the scapes come slithering up through the foliage, a deeply saturated, dense red which appears pure black. As the scapes elongate the bracts emerge with a bright center, revealing violet buds and finally purple flowers into September. Extremely fertile both ways, and one of my favorite breeders.
Hosta Maya Swingtime Maya Swingtime (NR)
A vigorous vision of rippled edges, 'Maya Swingtime' emerges pale chartreuse with a blue bloom and deep blue veins, which fade as the leaves turn a glowing yellow. Good substance, white backs and a charming twist to the leaf tips, 'Maya Swingtime' revels in full sun in the hybridizers zone 6 garden for the duration of the season. Available from Naylor Creek Nursery
Hosta Maya Tritone Maya Tritone (NR)
Hosta 'Maya Tritone' is a small to medium sized plant, emerging bright chartreuse with a thin cream line following along each vein. Gradually the line widens, as the chartreuse area diminishes and an intermediate bright yellow makes the whole plant glow. As the season wears on, some leaves bleach out to a creamy yellow color, others remain tritone, and new leaves continue to emerge chartreuse, and quickly develop the creamy veins. There is some red speckling on the petioles. Available from Naylor Creek Nursery
Hosta Scallion Pancakes Scallion Pancakes (NR)
H. 'Scallion Pancakes' is a small plant with a large presence, it stands out from the crowd with a distinct architectural form. Not the typical shape of a small plant, it holds each flat oval leaf straight up and out from the red petioles, showing soft white backs. Good substance, fast growth, pretty dark purple flared bell-shaped flowers en masse starting in mid August, nicely in scale with the foliage. Highly fertile with many stout purple pods. Available from Naylor Creek Nursery
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