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Hosta Bette Comfry H. 'Bette Comfry' (2007 [seedling from seed from Japan])
A dear friend and mentor Bette Comfrey of Silvermist, located in Pennsylvania, was so kind and free with her help and inspiration that I named a seedling she gave me after her. It grew out of seed Bette got from Japan from Toyozo. When Bette closed her Silvermist I obtained from her many of the plants I use today in my breeding program. Not Available.
Hosta Brutus H. 'Brutus' (2007 [H. Sea Drift x venusta])
Here it is, what the entire Buckeye nation has been waiting for 'Brutus'. This big time plant player covers wolverines with ease. Beautiful purple flowers just above the flat large highly veined pie crusted leaves. Make room in the garden for this one as the clump will go 5 feet at least. Available 2010.
Hosta Cup of Grace H. 'Cup of Grace' (2009 [H. Halcyon x Spoons ( H. Breeders Choice / OP )])
Deeply cupped and rugosed dark green leaves all point to the sky. Certainly cups from above. Pure white flowers just above the mound make a stunning contrast. Available spring 2010.
Hosta Dream Boat H. 'Dream Boat' (2009 [nigrescens x OP])
From the day that this plant was 1 year old it had a beautiful cupped appearance to it. Definitely a boat and obviously an answer to a dream!!! The elongated leaf definitely make you look its direction. A hosta that comes from a not very fertile specie. Currently in TC.
Hosta Granny's Rouge H. 'Granny's Rouge' (2007 [H Sweet Susan x H Hiaro Majesty])
A most interesting plant. These red legs are going to bright red/pink not the traditional maroon of One Man's Treasure. The leaf is a pale non descript green with a rather spreading mound. I use it as a breeder plant for my red line. Not in production.
Hosta King of Spades H. 'King of Spades' (2007 [H. Neat Splash x H Blue Moon])
Do you play cards? The leaf is definitely a spade! Look at the border and you will find a flat leaf surface, however the medio portion of the leaf is very roguse. Also the mound is not crested but rather flat, so all of the spades point skyward. Available in 2008.
Hosta Lady Amy H. 'Lady Amy' (2009 [H. Color Fantasy x OP])
A tall hosta with leaves with creamy white edges that gracefully angle to the ground. The height of the plant gives a floating appearance with the slightly ruffled leaf edges. This plant is named in honor of our daughter. Not in production.
Hosta Live Wire H. 'Live Wire' (2009 [Atom Smasher / OP x OP])
I've always thought that we ought to have a hosta that looked like grass, at least lirope, and now I have one. This F2 out of Atom Smasher has long narrow leaves. The edges start ruffled and with maturity smooth out. A fun little hosta. Not in production.
Hosta Megan's Angel H. 'Megan's Angel' (2009 [H. 'Blue Angel' streaked settled])
Our daughter Megan brought me the original streaked H. 'Blue Angel' and after many years of separation a fast growing, beautiful creamy white edged hosta emerged. A soft glaucous top gives this plant our angelic look. Not in production.
Hosta Mop Top H. 'Mop Top' (2009 [Little Jim / Green Sheen seedling x OP])
Confusion rains in this hosta, leaves go everywhere! Short leaves with ruffles give this hosta a look of motion. Goes to TC fall 2009.
Hosta On the Border H. 'On the Border' (2007 [H. Neat Splash x H. Blue Wedgwood])
Just another blue-green leaf with a creamy white border right? Wrong! The key to this plant are its parents and its ability to last and last and last. This plant remains and looks good from the time it comes up until fall frost. Always looks good. Available in 2008.
Hosta Singin the Blues H. 'Singin the Blues' (2007 [H. Trails End x OP])
We broke ground with this one. We finally have a big blue with ruffles, with corrugation and a beautiful lavender flower. A very tight mound. Mardy said it just sung to her! Available 2008.
Hosta Star Power H. 'Star Power' (2009 [Komodo Dragon x Super Bowl])
A beautiful gold leaf with waving ruffles and moderate rugosity. The leaf while slightly folded comes right out of the ground and stands tall. A great plant when gold is needed in the garden. Mardy named this hosta for her sorority. Currently in TC.
Hosta Transformer H. 'Transformer' (2009 [H. 'Blue Angel' streaked])
Truly a surprise plant for all who have seen it. In the spring the center half of the leaf comes up a brilliant creamy yellow with a dark green border. By mid June a transformation is starting and the center goes to a very pale green. After flowering in mid July, the transformation is complete and now the leaves have a dark green border and a medium to dark green center. If you like H. Guardian Angel then you will love H. Transformer. Currently in TC.
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