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Hosta Aliyah's Grace Aliyah's Grace (2004 [Pycnophylla x OP])
This beautiful hosta is named after my granddaughter. This small plant has highly corrugated leaves that are bright yellow/gold and contrast nicely with the red scapes/bracts and deep lavender flowers. Takes much sun.
Hosta Amazing Matthew Amazing Matthew (2003 [Sport of Teacher's Pet])
This unique sport of Teacher's Pet is an outstanding specimen plant. This hosta, with it's wide border and wavy leaves, is a stand out plant. Requires much light to grow. I named this after my grandson.
Hosta Answered Prayers Answered Prayers (NR [OP x OP])
A small and radiant plant that requires much sun. I've been working to separate the streaky sections from the edged part. Hopefully, it will end up being two separate plants.
Hosta Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer (NR [William Lachman x OP])
This small beauty has outstanding color and variegation. The leaves have great substance and are nicely corrugated. A wide deep green edge with a golden cream center is a wonderful contrast.
Hosta Bri Bear Bri Bear (Pending [OP x OP])
Bri Bear has wavy green leaves forming a dense mound. Most attractive feature is the tremendous show of purple flowers in late July through mid August. Would make a great edging plant. I named this after my son.
Hosta Bywood Canna Bywood Canna (NR [OP x OP])
This is a great plant that has changed a bit through the years. The leaves have become smaller, yet it has kept its wonderful streakiness. Still a work in progress, a joyful work it is.
Hosta Candle in the Dark Candle in the Dark (NR [OP x OP])
A rather unique yellow streaky. Seems to glow with a wonderful fluorescence.
Hosta Christmas Cup Christmas Cup (2000 [Christmas Tree x OP])
A small dark green hosta with a flourish of flowers deep purple flowers on dark red scapes in July. It has small nicely cupped dark green leaves. Great as an edging or border plant.
Hosta Dandy Randy Dandy Randy (2004 [Dorothy Benedict Seedling x OP])
Named after my son in law, this rugged hosta has leaves that are deeply corrugated along with great substance and wonderful contrasting white flowers in late June and early July.
Hosta Deceiver Deceiver (2003 [William Lachman x Permanent Wave])
This plant was named after years of trying to figure out what it was going to turn into. Just when I thought it had finally settled, I discovered it really hadn't. Thus the name was born. Each leaf has a different streak to it. A beautiful yellow/orange with irregular streaking, it is still apply named.
Hosta Devastator Devastator (Pending [Invincible x OP])
A gift from my fellow FOoSF friend Ron Livingston. Striking color in spring, this wonderful wavy leaved hosta keeps it glow well into late summer. Unusual petioles radiate the perimeter like spokes on a wheel. stretching 24" in all directions.
Hosta Double D Cup Double D Cup (NR [Sport of Dean's List])
This hosta is wonderfully cupped when it reaches maturity. Very unusual, in that each spring it comes up a rather ugly gray/green in color. Nothing special for sure, and perhaps even looks like it belongs on the compost heap. Come June, a faint variegation first appears, only to become more and more pronounced with the passing summer days. Finally, as July begins, the contrasting colors and variegation come into full contrast. Younger plants have good color, variegation, and some cupping. With maturity comes the best cupping.
Hosta Ghostface Ghostface (2000 [H. Fortunei Hyacinthina Sport])
Early season contrasting variegation gives way to faint variegation as the season progresses. Medium green leaves with 3/4" deep gold turning to bronze border.
Hosta Good Golly Miss Molly Good Golly Miss Molly (2004 [Seducer Sport])
This spectacular hosta is named after my daughter. Each change in variegation has only become better through the years. Highly prized, not many have left my garden. Tends to want to sport, so dividing on a regular cycle is recommended.
Hosta Iron Curtain Iron Curtain (2000 [Northern Halo x OP])
As the name implies, this hosta has great substance. Slug resistant, heavily corrugated leaves are broadly ovate to nearly round in shape. Gray/blue in color if grown in the shade, and green if given more sun.
Hosta Johnny Angel Johnny Angel (2003 [OP x OP])
Outstanding corrugation on the yellow/gold medium sized hosta really captures one's eye. The twisting, tip turned under leaves are unique, especially with the near white flowers of late June and early July. Have never seen any slug damage. I named this after my grandson.
Hosta Justa Gigolo Justa Gigolo (2004 [Dorothy Benedict Seedling x OP])
This streaker is one of my favorite hybridizing plants. Seems to work on the 'on one year off the next' cycle, but when it is on, it is on! Takes a while to reach maturity, but when it does, watch out. Outstanding streaking on the ovate leaves.
Hosta Lovely To Behold Lovely To Behold (2000 [Dorothy Benedict x Dorothy Benedict Seedling])
One of my early DB crosses that still holds a special place on my list of favorites. Irregular streaking, heavy on substance, and corrugated leaves, make it unique indeed. Rather low growing with a nicely spreading pattern. Pale lavender flowers begin to flourish in the middle of June. Little or no slug damage.
Hosta Lust of Life Lust of Life (NR [William Lachman x OP])
The ovate leaves are long, wavy and somewhat folded, combined with a near white edge make this an outstanding plant. Low growing, with a nice spread of it's leaves.
Hosta Made From Scratch Made From Scratch (2005 [Dorothy Benedict x OP])
This is one beautiful plant. In production at Walter's Garden. Wide creamy borders surround a deep blue/green center on the twisted leaves. Medium size mound with densely packed leaves make this hosta a sight to see. Larger leaves are a pleasant combination of waves, cupping and corrugation.
Hosta Made You Look Made You Look (2000 [Dorothy Benedict Seedling x OP])
An outstanding plant, this is still one of my favorites. It is rightfully named as it is hard not to focus on this beauty. With a very unique color of yellow.
Hosta Merci Marci Merci Marci (Pending [OP x OP])
Named after my daughter- in- law, this small hosta with deep green centers surrounded by a thin white edge. Leaves are small, a bit folded and are also nicely corrugated. Been working on this plant for a while to stabilize it's edge.
Hosta Merci Marci Streaked Merci Marci Streaked (NR [Sport of Merci Marci])
Streaked form of Merci Marci. I've been making crosses this summer for the first time. Long flowering period which is helpful.
Hosta Misty Mary Ann Misty Mary Ann (2000 [Dorothy Benedict x Dorothy Benedict Seedling])
Named after my wife. Out of DB, and somewhat similiar, although the streaking is much more subtle and not on every leaf. This is a nicely shaped plant that really stands out, especially in the beginning of July, when a nice flourish of flowers top this beauty. Has never left my yard.
Hosta Nathan's Nirvana Nathan's Nirvana (2003 [William Lachman x Permanent Wave])
Named after one of my grandsons, this Lachman cross displays a nice cream edge on ovate leaves. Somewhat folded and twisted leaves come to a turned down tip. Fast growing medium green leaves form a nice mounding habit. Flowers at the end of July.
Hosta Primal Fear Primal Fear (Pending [OP x OP])
Now this is an interesting hosta. With uniquely upward pointing cupped leaves and a slight 1/4" edge this plant grabs your attention. Very tall, rigid scapes, with a profusion of white flowers in early to mid July, make this hosta stand out. There are streaks on some of the leaves.
Hosta Primal Instinct Primal Instinct (Pending [Principal's List Sport])
A Principal's List sport, this has become another stand out plant. A wide cream edge that tapers down to the tip, as the tip itself folds down into an almost reverse cup. Broadly ovate, nicely ribbed and corrugated blue/green leaves measure 11" x 14" in Michigan.
Hosta Primal Scream Primal Scream (Pending [OP x OP])
Similar to Primal Fear in leaf shape. Leaves are irregularly streaked and have no edge. Each leaf/plant is a bit different when it comes to streaks. Some leaves have no streaking. Like PI, PS has intensely folded/cupped large blue/green leaves that turn upward as the season progresses. Seeds are fertile and the pods are streaky as well. Erect scapes to 55" tall.
Hosta Principal's List Principal's List (2003 [Dorothy Benedict Seedling x OP])
An old beauty that grows best in dappled early morning and setting sun. Large heavily corrugated leaves the have irregular streaking. The dark blue/green leaves are almost round and fold down slightly at the tip
Hosta Red Hot Poker Red Hot Poker (2005 [Dorothy Benedict x Dorothy Benedict Seedling])
This hosta has been produced by Walter's Garden and is currently in the market. Shiny, wavy and slightly cupped leaves have a beautiful cream/white edge. Little or no burn as well as minimal slug damage. Contrasting deep red scapes in July and August which makes for a striking plant.
Hosta Ruffian Ruffian (NR [Ruffled Feathers Sport])
Nicely mounded with very wavy green leaves. Red tinged scapes with beautiful pale lavender flowers starting in the beginning of July. May develop some streaky or edged leaves.
Hosta Ruffle My Feathers Ruffle My Feathers (NR [Ruffled Feathers Sport])
An edged form of Ruffled Feathers that really stands out. Makes a great border or edging plant. The wavy leaves complimented by the cream border make this plant hard to miss.
Hosta Ruffled Feathers Ruffled Feathers (NR [OP x OP])
A mini/small hosta with nicely ruffled streaky leaves. Each leaf has different streaking. This plant tends to sport as both Ruffian and Ruffle My Feathers have come from Ruffled Feathers
Hosta Seduced Seduced (NR [Seducer Sport])
A reversed sport of Seducer. Although I only have a couple of divisions of this beauty, it seems to have some real potential. I'll be watching this very closely.
Hosta Seducer Seducer (2004 [Dorothy Benedict x Dorothy Benedict])
Certainly up there as one of my favorites. Has already given me several wonderful sports. A golden wavy edge on a dark green leaf. Has been reproduced by Walter's Garden and has recently entered the market. A stand out in any garden.
Hosta Simple Pleasure Simple Pleasure (NR [Principal's List Sport])
This Principal's List sport retains the rugged corrugated leaves although the leaves don't tip downward as much. Great substance and a bit more upright then PL.
Hosta Soft Focus Soft Focus (Pending [OP x OP])
This is one outstanding yellow/gold hosta. The bright shimmering gold folded leaves in spring soon give way to a much wider and beautifully rippled leaf by early summer. A definite eye catcher. Near white flowers in early July.
Hosta Spring Back Spring Back (Pending [Spring Break Sport])
An all yellow sport of Spring Break. Alike in almost every way to Spring Break except for not having an edge and may be a bit darker in color. Has a strong flourish of purple flowers peaking towards the end of July.
Hosta Spring Break Spring Break (2000 [Dorothy Benedict x Dorothy Benedict Seedling])
Another old favorite. This plant always marks the beginning of spring for me as when it first emerges the wonderful fluorescent color can't help but put a smile on my face.
Hosta Steel Canopy Steel Canopy (2000 [Dorothy Benedict Seedling x OP])
One of my older plants that has rugged blue leaves as the name implies. Some leaves have an occasional streak to them but this is not consistent. The near white flowers of summer really makes this plant stick out.
Hosta Sweet William Sweet William (2004 [Dorothy Benedict x OP])
Named after my son, this is another of my favorite hybridizing plants. This streaker has given me a number of impressive looking seedlings some of which I hope to register next season.
Hosta Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet (2000 [Dorothy Benedict x Montana])
This is the first hosta I registered and is still one of my favorites. From it's ruggedly corrugated dark green leaves and beautiful creamy edge to it's near white flowers of summer, this plant has it all.
Hosta Unexpected Pleasure Unexpected Pleasure (2000 [Dorothy Benedict x Montana])
Another plant that was destined for the early compost bin but survived several cullings. How glad I am that this plant was spared from the 'Hosta Death Panel'. Dark green centers with a nice near- white edge on this medium/large plant.
Hosta Van Gogh Van Gogh (Pending [OP x OP])
A beautiful small streaker that has outstanding color. Needs a good amount of sun to reach it's full potential.
Hosta Wallstreet Classic Wallstreet Classic (2000 [Fascination x OP])
A small blue/green hosta with a nice cream edge. Leaves are moderately folded and show a nice flurry of lavender flowers in early July.
Hosta Will of Fortune Will of Fortune (2003 [Ritz x OP(Yingeri)])
Named after one of my grandsons. This hosta was given to me at a very young age by my friend Ron Livingston. The upright growing habit allows the large corrugated blue/gray leaves to show their stuff. The lightly folded and wavy leaves are complimented by the near white flowers of mid June.
Hosta Za Za Zoom Za Za Zoom (2003 [Gold Standard x OP])
This hosta is a sentimental favorite of mine as it comes from the sterile 'Gold Standard', a plant introduced by my mentor Pauline Banyai. Bright gold/yellow leaves are in abundance especially in mid July when the white flowers flourish. The second flush of flowers also gives a wonderful contrast of colors especially when lavender flowers are in bloom. The petioles are quite erect.
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